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step 1
Step 1 Signup and Create Events

First signup and create a login with your email address and password. After logging in, create an event with a name and a date. You can also upload a custom overlay that is rendered on top of photos taken at the event.

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step 2
Step 2 Setup and connect your camera

At the event, setup your camera as a Photo Booth with a nice background. Download the Pixely Controller app for iPhone (reg). Use the same login as in Step 1, to login to the app. Select the event that you created. Then, start a session to automatically connect your camera to the app. If you do not have a camera, you can also use the iPhone built-in camera.

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step 3
Step 3 Take and send Photos to guests

During the event, ask guests to pose for photos. Each photo appears in the app in realtime. After all the photos are taken for that guest, end the session and collect contact info for the guest. Pixely automatically sends the guest a link via email to view and share their photos. Start a new session for the next guest.

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Download the app now! Sign up to the Pixely web app to set up your account and your first event. Download the Pixely Controller app to configure your camera and snap amazing photos of your guests. Download Pixely App
Pixely App on a Hand

All Features

Connect camera

Connect our iPhone app to automatically capture photos from the camera directly into Pixely. Our camera app has been tested with popular cameras from Sony. Our app allows to automate and control the operations of a photo booth.

Online gallery

Automatically sync all captured photos, sessions and contact information and view it on our dedicated Pixely web application.

Email sharing

Pixely automatically sends an email with the link to the online gallery to the guest. Guest can optionally download and share the image to their socials.

Sharing station

*coming soon Our Sharing Station (iPad) that pairs with the primary control iPhone. The Sharing Station will allow viewing the captured photos in realtime and offers a streamlined screen for guests to select their photo, and enter their contact information.


Pixely sends a link to the guest with all the photos from the session allowing them to view and share at their leisure. Photographer can also review the gallery from our online web application.

Event & device management

Manage events and view photos from past events.


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