March 21, 2024

Learn how to easily Connect your Camera to the Pixely App

Learn how to easily Connect your Camera to the Pixely App

Photographers tell stories through the unique, memorable moments they capture. More than just capturing these moments, Pixely lets you turn those snapshots into perfect keepsakes for your clients (or guests). With Pixely, you can set up a remote photobooth, anywhere at any time. Whether you are on a break between your regular gig or maybe your seasonal job is taking a breather, Pixely turns your free time into some sweet extra earnings.

From creating an event to organizing and sharing your clicks with your clients or guests, Pixely makes the work easy and breezy for you. Here is how it’s done.

Know Your Pixely Basics 

To get started, you need to first create an account by signing up to the Pixely web app.

Pixely web login page

Once you log in, you will be directed to the events page, from where you can create and configure an event.

Now, download the Pixely app on your iPhone. Open the app and log in using your credentials. The created event will be listed on the “Events” page. 

Select the “Event” and select “Start Event” to make the event live. You can read more on this here. Once the event is live, you can choose your camera. By default, we use the iPhone's primary camera as the main image shooter. You can also change this and connect an external Sony camera.

Connecting Your Camera to the Pixely App

Before getting to know how to connect your camera to the app, here is something you need to note: currently, Pixely is compatible only with Sony cameras. We are constantly working on upgrading our features, and we strive to bring support for more cameras to Pixely.

  • First thing first: connect your camera and iPhone to the same Wi-Fi network.

  • The next step is selecting “PC Remote Function” from the menu. Open the “Network” tab, and in “Cnct./PC Remote”, select “PC Remote Function.” Heads up: the menu name may vary depending on the camera. Just hunt around a bit!

  • Once you find it, select the “PC Remote” option and turn it on.

  • A message on your camera screen will say pairing is required to use the “PC Remote Function.” By clicking OK, you can pair your device with your camera.

  • Now, select “Pairing” under “PC Remote."

  • In the final step to connecting your camera to Pixely, click the “Next” button after the “Perform Pairing” screen appears on the app. Remember: the “Next” button will only appear while you’re trying to connect for the first time.

  • In the app, once you make an event live, you’ll see an interface as shown below.

Start Session screen on Pixely Iphone app

When you tap “Choose Your Camera,” you’ll be directed to the page, as shown below.

Choose Your Camera screen on Pixely iPhone app

Select Sony and return to the previous interface.

Start Session screen on Pixely iPhone app

  • When you tap “Start Session” for the first time, the app will guide you through the steps to connect your camera. When you tap “Next,” the app will start scanning for the available Sony cameras.

List of available Sony cameras scanned by Pixely iPhone app

The available devices will be listed on the app after performing the step above. Look for your device name on the screen and tap it to complete the pairing. And voila! You’re all connected.

Once you’re done with connecting your camera successfully to the Pixely app, the red camera icon that indicates the camera connectivity status will turn green. Now you’re all good to begin your first session using Pixely. 

Haven’t explored Pixely yet? Sign up to Pixley and download the app from the App Store now! Turn ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

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