April 19, 2024

More Clients & Revenue: Trends to Grow Your Photography Business

More Clients & Revenue: Trends to Grow Your Photography Business

Running your own photography business is not as easy as pie. You’re the creative genius, the marketing whiz, and the tech, all rolled into one. And just like any other business, photography keeps evolving with new trends, gadgets, and more. To stay on top of your game, you have to keep your finger on the pulse of the industry. 

Feeling lost in the sea of new stuff? We’ve got your back.

Embrace the Technology

You might have seen how popular drone photography is these days, right? They capture those amazing bird’s eye view shots, especially at outdoor events like weddings. Some drones have in-built cameras, while others support external cameras for an incredible photography experience

Drones are awesome, but when you team them up with 360 cameras and wireless connectivity, that’s when things get really cool. Imagine controlling a 360 camera with your phone or smartwatch! That lets you create a super immersive experience, like virtual tours that your clients can take right on their phones.

And speaking of cool tech, AI is all around these days, and photography is no exception. AI in photography is your best buddy, helping you with everything from suggesting ways to frame your shots to showing some editing tricks. That’s not it. There is software that streamlines your whole workflow, making sure you deliver the best output for your clients.

Content Is King

Content is everything now, but content overload is real. That’s why you need to stand out. Capture real moments and emotions that make people stop and feel something. Your photos should tell a story, capture the heart of what you’re shooting. 

To showcase your awesome works, you need a killer website with a clean design and easy navigation–basically, a good user experience (UX)–that guides viewers through your visual storytelling journey. Since we all live in a small-screen world today, ensure your website is mobile-friendly. On that note, SEO is your friend. Optimize your website so it shows up high in search results. 

But photography doesn’t have to be just stills. Why not experiment with videos? Take things further with 360° or even VR technology. Adding blog posts with stories behind your photos is a great way to give people context and keep them engaged. SEO-friendly blog posts will help rank your website and reach a wider audience.

Be Business Savvy

Digital pictures are definitely the way to go these days–and super convenient–but there’s something special about holding a printed photo or an album in your hands. It’s like a mini time capsule, holding those memories forever. That’s why offering high-quality prints and beautiful albums is a great way to add value to your clients and reach more people.

To reach new clients, social media is your “the” option. Jump on platforms like Instagram and connect with potential clients who love awesome photos. SEO is important too, but social media lets you have real (and reel) conversations and show off your work in a fun way. You can also run targeted ads to reach exactly the kind of people you want to work with. 

Photo booths are another fun way to spread the word about your business. They’re super popular these days, and with user-friendly photo booth apps, you can set up one anywhere, anytime. A photo booth with catchy backdrops and classy props can make people line up to capture hilarious and Insta-worthy moments at events or tourist hotspots.

You know how things move fast these days, especially in photography. New trends pop up all the time. That’s why staying on top of what's new can level up your work and get your name out there. Want more tips to stay relevant? Check out Pixely for the latest insights.

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