March 21, 2024

Setup a fun Photo Booth with Pixely for your next event

Setup a fun Photo Booth with Pixely for your next event

Every event is a celebration of special moments, and those moments deserve to be captured in a way that's truly unforgettable. Say hello to Pixely where it isn't just about taking pictures. It's about creating connections, sparking joy, and preserving the laughter that makes your event remarkable.

Pixely goes beyond being a photo booth app–it lets you capture, organize, and manage photos in a single place. Check out how you can let the fun flow in gatherings with Pixely as a photographer. 

  • Get started in seconds: Hop on over to the Pixely web app and sign up to create your account. This is the first step in your photo booth journey with Pixely. To set up the booth, you need to download the app on your iPhone.

Pixely web signup page

  • Dive right in: After signing up, you’ll be whisked away to the login page.

Pixely web login page

Once you log in, you will go to the events listing page where you can find live, upcoming, and past events. First-time user? No worries. Click the “Create New Event” button to set things up.

Pixely web Live Events page

  • Effortless event creation: When you’re setting up an event, toss in the details, such as event name, date, venue, and so on. You can also add a special touch by designing a custom overlay that will appear on your guests’ photos. Once everything is done, click on the “Create” button, and this event will be listed under “Upcoming Events.”

Pixely web Create Event form

Pixely web Upcoming Events page

  • Get the booth app: To run an event, download the Pixely app on your iPhone. Log in using your username and password. When you log in to the iPhone app, the app will show the “Events” page. 

On any day, only events scheduled for that date will appear on the “Events” page. Live events are listed on the “Events” page. This is only applicable to the iPhone app.

  • Simply connect: Select the event that is due next and click on the “Start Event” button to make the event live (each event will remain active for 48 hours once it’s started).

By default, we use an iPhone camera to capture the session photos. You can also connect your external Sony camera. Connect the camera and the iPhone to a Wi-Fi hotspot to get uninterrupted internet and avoid firewalls at the event.

Once you successfully connect your camera, start a session by tapping the “Start Session” button and capture the photos of your guests. After snapping those fantastic photos of your guests in a session, tap the “Select” button to select the photos and then tap “Next.” You’ll be directed to the “Guest Details” form.

  • Share the smiles: After collecting the guest details, tap the “Submit” button. The app will automatically send them an email with a link to a Pixely microsite where they can view and download their photos.

Guest Details screen in Pixely iPhone app

  • Organized memories: Pixely seamlessly uploads all captured photos to your online event gallery on the web app in real time. No more scrambling to organize photos later because Pixely helps you keep all your events neatly organized. You can make memories last longer by upselling guests to higher-priced products, like framed wall hangings or desktop frames. 

You’re all set once you sign up for the app. 

You also turn up the volume of your events with Pixely–like setting up a minimal photo booth–to spark joy, ignite laughter, and capture memories that stick like confetti. In this minimal photo booth, you can strip down on the bells and whistles, focusing on capturing fun and memorable photos at an event with a clean and simple aesthetic. 

You can set up plain backdrops in solid colors or subtle patterns. Besides the key props, emphasize the people in the photos with popular prop choices like mustaches, hats, and glasses. You can provide these props to the guests to add zing to their photo booth experience. Focusing on the photos itself can bring a sleek, minimal photo booth. 

Minimal photo booths are often DIY projects that allow you to unleash your inner artist or craftsperson. Their versatility allows you to use them at various events, like weddings or birthday parties.

Ditch the tiny photo booth crammed with guests, squinted at the grainy camera. Download the Pixely app from the App Store, and let Pixely transform your occasions into unforgettable experiences.  

Download the app now! Sign up to the Pixely web app to set up your account and your first event. Download the Pixely Controller app to configure your camera and snap amazing photos of your guests. Download Pixely App
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