June 14, 2024

Capture the Love Story with Your Perfect Wedding Photography Style

Capture the Love Story with Your Perfect Wedding Photography Style

The wedding day is a special, momentous occasion filled with joy, love, and creating memories to cherish for a lifetime with our loved ones. With all the planning, there's one thing you can't forget: capturing those special moments with amazing photos. Beyond capturing stunning visuals, the best photos tell a unique love story. There are a ton of photography styles out there, and the best one is the one that reflects the couple as themselves. 

Thinking romantic and light and airy, vintage style wedding photography, or maybe dramatic and moody? Here’s how to get started.

Understanding Wedding Photography Styles

As the first step of wedding photography, how about introducing the wedding photography styles to your clients? Guide them through popular styles, like photojournalistic where you capture candid moments, traditional that clicks posed portraits, fine art that brings artistic compositions, and lifestyle capturing everyday moments. Beyond these styles, you can also blend styles; if you’re a photographer who might have a documentary foundation, you add a touch of editorial flair with editorial style wedding photography for more posed and dramatic portraits during key moments of the day. Blending photography styles can actually create a unique look for wedding clicks. To make sure you're on the same page with your client, be sure to show examples of your work in different styles. This would help them better understand lighting techniques, composition strategies, and how different styles capture the emotions of a wedding day.

Discovering What Clients Want

It might be difficult to discover the apt wedding photography style the couples want from the options they have in front of them. You can create a short, engaging wedding photography styles quiz that helps couples identify their style preferences. Questions could involve their dream wedding vibe—formal, intimate, whimsical—how comfortable they are posing, and their color scheme. Suggest creating mood boards on Pinterest or through online tools. This allows couples to collect visuals that resonate with them, giving you a window into their aesthetic preferences. Plus, offer guidance on what kind of visuals they should include, like wedding dresses, color palettes, venue inspiration, and photography styles. Remember to keep open communication with your clients. Ask open-ended questions about their expectations and their overall vision for the wedding day. This two-way conversation allows you to understand their style preferences and tailor your approach accordingly.

Matching Clients with Style  

Be ready with a solid portfolio to showcase before your clients. Instead of just presenting a chronological order of weddings, group images by style to make it easier for couples to find their match. You can have a dedicated section for documentary style wedding photography, another for fine art weddings, and so on. While you might have a signature style that you're known for, emphasize your ability to adapt to client preferences. Explain how you can incorporate their desired aesthetic into your approach while still maintaining the quality and consistency of your work. Moreover, consider offering photography packages that cater to different styles. This could include a documentary-focused package with extended coverage of candid moments or wedding photography packages with more posed portraits and creative wedding photography editing styles for couples who crave a fine art aesthetic.

You might have so much to offer as a wedding photographer to your guests. Establish strong communication with your clients so that you ou set the stage for a successful collaboration and discover their ideal wedding photography style. Talking about weddings, photo booths are something that has become show stealers these days. Meet Pixely, the photo booth app for your photobooths for events. Check out the Pixely web app, and download the Pixely Controller App from the App Store. 

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