May 14, 2024

How to Capture Clients for Your Photo Booth Business

How to Capture Clients for Your Photo Booth Business

The fun factor of a photo booth is undeniable, and that has made photo booths the life of events and parties these days. Who wouldn’t love capturing those laugh-out-loud and tear-jerking moments with their loved ones? But here’s the thing, while you’re out there crushing it with your fantastic photo booth setups, you have got to keep the new clients rolling in and the old ones coming back for more. Though a photo booth is the best way to expand your photography business, it might seem like a juggling act. And to snag those fresh leads, you need to have a creative but still strategic work plan. 

Read on to discover how to make your photo booth business the talk of the town!

Shine Online

Want to take your photo booth biz to the next level? Social media is like the coolest party in town these days, and it's perfect for showing off your awesome booth. Create an awesome Instagram or Facebook page packed with pics of happy guests having a blast in your booth. Don’t forget to use those hashtags to get people talking. 

And speaking of talking, a website is like your online resume. Make it super easy to navigate, with all the info potential clients need—what kind of packages you offer, how much they cost, and of course, tons of amazing photos from past events to show off your skills. And with tagged ads, you get to show your spiffy photo booth to exactly the kind of people who’d love to have it at their event.

Content Reigns 

You might think getting new clients is some magic, but hear us out—it's actually way easier than you think. Yes, social media is like the town square these days, but guess what? There’s more to the story: blogs bursting with all things photo booth fun—creative ideas, wild backdrops for photobooths, and prop inspiration—will blow people's minds. Plus, it brings people straight to your doorstep and to your website as well. 

Speaking of doorsteps, have you seen those glowing reviews on Google and Yelp? Those are pure gold! Happy clients raving about your booth? Music to your ears, and magic for attracting new ones. People trust their friends, so positive reviews are like a neon sign screaming, "Hire this booth!” And let's not forget videos. Imagine showing off your booth in action, capturing all the laughter, silly poses, and pure fun. People on TikTok and YouTube would love to see that stuff! Boom, instant party atmosphere delivered straight to potential clients' phones.

Networking Wins

You know that feeling when you meet awesome people who love the same stuff you do? That's what happens when you hit up industry events and wedding shows. Not only do you get to connect with other event pros, but you also meet potential clients who are looking for event photobooths. Here’s a trick: partnering with local event planners and venues. It's like having a whole team spreading the word about your booth! 

Plus, venue managers can get you that sweet "preferred vendor" status, which basically means your booth becomes the go-to for all the fun events happening there. Word of mouth is seriously powerful, so don't underestimate it. Everyone trusts their friends' recommendations, so show some love to your existing clients with a referral discount. The more they rave about your booth, the more parties and instant photo booth fame—all thanks to the awesome people you meet along the way.

Now you might be pumped to get out there and get some new clients with your awesome photo booth. But before that, you need to be prepared for party time with a photo booth app that lets you run your photo booth like a breeze. Pixely is the go-to app that lets you capture, organize, and share photos with your clients in a flash. Download Pixely and watch your photo booth become the life of the party. 

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