June 5, 2024

Prop Up Your Photo Booth with These DIY Photo Booth Props on Budget

Prop Up Your Photo Booth with These DIY Photo Booth Props on Budget

Photo booths are the best add-ons to any event, but have you ever wondered what makes photo booths and photo experiences cherished? It's all about the props, believe it or not. These silly little things have a way of turning people into goofballs and creating hilarious memories. If you’re thinking about how and what to include in the props, hear us out, whipping up some DIY props is way easier than you might think.

Grab your glue gun to create some DIY photo booth props inspired by the ideas in this blog without breaking the bank.

DIY Flower Crowns

Who wouldn’t love to add a pinch of floral theme to their garden event or wedding? Flower crowns are the best props for such photobooths for events. You can create these with real flowers or with paper flowers. A floral wire or a headband with enough circles to cover the head and some flowers would do the work. For paper flowers, you can cut out simple shapes like daisies, roses, or sunflowers and attach them to the headband. Adding layers of flower shapes can bring a more 3D effect.

DIY Polaroid Frames

To create Polaroid frames, you don’t need too much new stuff. You can make them easily by transforming cardboard boxes into them. You can also utilize foam craft sheets. Since Polaroid frames give a retro vibe, they are a favorite to many. Don’t forget to add decorations that go with the theme of the event. Decorate the frame with paint, markers, or even wrapping paper for a fun and colorful look.

DIY Flower Wreath 

Looking to bring an extra floral twist to your photo booth? With existing floral backdrops for photobooths, flower wreath props would go a long way. Being a classic and budget-friendly option, you can use colorful cardstock or patterned paper for a vibrant look. For a more whimsical touch, consider crepe paper or tissue paper flowers. Fabric scraps can be transformed into beautiful blooms and add a soft, elegant, and textured look. Dried flowers are a great eco-friendly option and add a rustic charm to your photo booth prop. Use a variety of dried flowers, leaves, and grasses to create a natural and whimsical wreath. While fresh flowers might not last as long, mixing colorful blooms and greenery creates a stunning, vibrant, and fragrant photo prop.

DIY Celebrity Mask

Get ready to bring fun and red-carpet moments to your photo booth with celebrity mask props. If you are setting up a photo booth for a Hollywood-, music-, or movie night-themed photo booth, these props are the perfect to elevate the photo booth experience. From classic legends like Michael Jackson to modern hitmakers like Taylor Swift, there are endless pop star options for celebrity mark props. You can also bring the iconic sunglasses of Tom Cruise in Top Gun or a recognizable hat like Indiana Jones. Plus, think about bringing fan-favorite fictional characters, ranging from superheroes to cartoon characters. To create celebrity mask props, all you need is cardboard, craft foam for detailed features or 3D elements, paint, markers, and crayons. Don’t forget feathers, glitter, and other embellishments. Let the “whole place shimmer.”

DIY Snapchat Filters 

The hilarious and quirky filters of Snapchat are all-time favorites. Why not bring those to your photo booth—of course, as props? You can cut out large floppy ears and a black felt nose from cardboard or craft foam. Attach them to a headband or dowel for easy holding. Don’t forget the iconic rainbow puke. Craft a vibrant rainbow arch using construction paper or felt. You can even add glitter or streamers for extra flair. Sunglasses are also as iconic as other Snapchat filters. They are a simple yet fun option with bright colors. You can even customize them with glitter, paint, or funny sayings. And for the flower crown, check out the DIY flower crowns section mentioned above. 

DIY Mustaches and Glasses 

Mustaches and glasses are the quintessential props in photo booths. Cardboard and craft foam are great choices for creating them. Cardboard is sturdy and easy to paint, while craft foam allows for creating 3D mustaches with more depth. Felt mustaches are another fun option, offering a softer texture. Provide a range of mustache styles from classic handlebars and funky horseshoe mustaches to even silly Salvador Dali-inspired ones to add variety to your photo booth. For glasses, you can go classic round or square eyeglasses and also include quirky shapes like hearts, stars, or oversized frames for a more playful option. Also, experiment with vibrant colors, patterns, or even glitter to make DIY Mustaches and glasses attractive.

DIY Confetti 

Confetti adds a burst of joy to any celebration, and incorporating it into your photo booth props is a fantastic way to create dynamic and fun pictures. Consider upcycling empty toilet paper rolls or paper towel tubes. Decorate them with colorful paper or paint and fill them with tissue paper confetti. Add a ribbon or string for easy holding and popping. Craft paper cones using colorful construction paper or patterned scrapbook paper. Fill them with confetti for guests to toss in the air during photos. Attach ribbons or yarn to cardboard circles or cutouts of fun shapes. Tape or glue tissue paper confetti along the length of the streamers for a dynamic confetti trail in photos.

DIY Party Hats

For a photo booth at a birthday party, DIY party hats are perfect props. The classic cone-shaped party hat is a great starting point. Use patterned scrapbook paper, colorful cardstock, or even metallic wrapping paper for a festive look. Add fun details like pom-poms, tassels, feathers, or pipe cleaner decorations. You can also make your DIY party hat props adorable with animal ears. Cut out shapes for cat ears, bunny ears, or even elephant ears from felt or cardboard and attach them to a headband or the base of the party hat.

DIY Tinsel Balloons

Be it a party or a photo booth, tinsel balloons are a festive and eye-catching addition. Take clear balloons and wrap them in various colors of tinsel, leaving the top free for inflation. The tinsel will create a fun fringe effect around the balloon, perfect for adding a touch of sparkle to photos. Cut long strips of tinsel and tie them together at the ends to create tassels. Attach these tassels to the bottom of inflated balloons for an elevated look for your photo booth. You can also add tinsel to the balloon backdrops for photobooths. For an energetic and interactive element, provide small baskets filled with crumpled tinsel. Guests can throw the tinsel in the air during photos to create a burst of color and fun.

DIY Speech Bubbles 

Adding timeless photo booth props, like DIY speech bubbles, brings a touch of humor and personality to any party. Cut out large speech bubbles from sturdy cardboard or craft foam. Paint them white or a light color for easy writing. Guests can use markers or chalk to write their funny messages or jokes. You can also go for readymade speech bubbles made from printable speech bubble templates with various phrases and print them on cardstock. Don’t forget to match the speech bubbles with the theme of the event. For weddings, you can use speech bubbles with phrases like "Just Married" or "Mr. & Mrs."

DIY Emojis

We all live and breathe emojis these days. Why not bring them to your photo booth to add a zing to your guests’ photo booth experience? Cut out classic emoji faces like smiley faces, hearts, sunglasses, and a tongue sticking out from sturdy cardboard. Paint them with bright colors and add details with markers or black paint. Attach them to wooden dowels or straws for easy holding. Also, turn emojis into backdrops for photobooths by creating an emoji garland. Cut out various emoji shapes from colorful paper or felt and string them together. 

Word to the wise: props have to match the party theme. No one wants mismatched props during an event. Need more ideas and insights on photography and photo booths? Check out Pixley's Blogs. If you haven’t explored Pixely yet, download the Pixley Controller app from the App Store and check out the Pixley web app today.

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